films can be great, even when they’re bad

Posts based on films featuring reviews and comments on film, with the focus more on concept than on style…

Super 8 (2011 film) (December 21, 2011)

A post looking at Super 8 as a nostalgic journey

Nostalgia for New York: Rewatching Ghostbusters 2 (December 26, 2011)

A post about New York from a visitor through movies.

Future Shock! How popular culture views the future (February 17, 2012)

A post about the future, looking at sci-fi.

Nostalgia for New York 2: Referencing reality (June 11, 2012)

A post about New York from a visitor through real life.

Believing With Blinkers On – How seemingly open minds can be closed (July 13, 2012)

A post about what we believe, looking at Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.

Done 2 Death – Taking movies one sequel too far (July 19, 2012)

A post about regurgitating sequels of film franchises long after they have lost their appeal.

painting/ – Historical culture in modern Irish film (July 31, 2012)

A post about old painting and national styles of art, and how they influence nation’s styles of film-making today.


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